Ekka Public Holiday Workout

Join us in the morning for a special Ekka workout! Gym will be closed the previous afternoon.

Ekka Public Holiday Workout & Closed Tuesday Afternoon

Hi Anchor Team,

Happy Wednesday!

Yin Yoga is back and Roxy is feeling ready to stretch you guys out tonight.
Couple of announcements for next week…

Tuesday 9th August

Anchor HQ will be closed in the afternoon. But…

Wednesday 10th August

On the Ekka Public Holiday we will be holding a special train and yoga sess!

When: Wednesday the 10th
Where: Anchor HQ
Time: 8am
Dress Code: Something Loud :) or ‘Anchor10’ Shirts
Duration: 60mins of Sweating into 30mins of Yin Stretching
Afterparty: Anchor HQ, Cold Drip Coffees & Protein Balls

See you all there!

Wrap up, Closed Tuesday Afternoon the 9th and Open Wednesday the 10th for special 8am Ekka Day WOD :)

All classes will be updated accordingly next week on the app!

If you haven’t downloaded and started booking in, you definitely should :)

Healthy regards,