Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve all been there. Scary new gym, no idea how things work, don’t want to look like a noob. Fear not, brave new comrade! We have the answers detailed here for you in advance!

I would like to try the classes. Do I need to book or can I just turn up?

An email to is appreciated before coming in, but not necessary! Feel free to choose a class from our timetable that you would like to try, pop in 15 minutes early so we can grab some details and show you around. To save time on your first visit, feel free to download the Anchor Waiver Form and email the completed form to

Can I trial the classes before making a decision about membership?

Of course! That’s why we created the Newbie Fortnight – $14 for 14 days of unlimited fitness classes with no obligation to join.

How much is personal training or class membership?

All our services & prices can be found on our Join page.

Can anyone use the gym outside of class times?

Only Anchor Training members. Currently we offer an “open gym hour” Monday-Friday 5-6pm and Saturday 6-7am, to our dedicated members. A certified coach is required to be present in the gym during this time, and any obstacle-work must be approved and supervised.

I’ve signed up for an Obstacle Course Race, what kind of training should I do?

Keep an eye on our Instagram page for upcoming OCR events. Alternatively, we offer OCR PT on a one-on-one or small group basis.

What if I don’t want to do obstacle course racing, can I still train at Anchor HQ?

Absolutely, we have many members that simply enjoy our style of training and don’t compete in obstacle races.

Do you do training for corporate groups?

Absolutely! Send us an email at with your group size & preferred time so we can work together to promote a healthy lifestyle in the work place & build camaraderie.

I have an injury / medical condition; can I still exercise?

We will provide regression or alternatives for all movements that are not suitable for your situation. If you are concerned please feel free to email us prior to coming in at

I am pregnant, do I have to let you know?

Yes, please! As your health professional it is important that we keep you & your growing baby safe by modifying some movement. This applies to all classes. Congratulations, by the way!

Can I put my account on hold?

We can suspend your membership for a minimum of 2 weeks & maximum of 6 weeks per year due to vacation, or illness with doctor’s recommendation. A fee of $10/week will apply.

You guys sound amazing, do you have any time off?

Anchor HQ is closed all public holidays and for 2 weeks over the December holiday period. We believe in the importance of taking time to reflect and recharge to get ready for another motivated year of sweating.

What if I have more questions?

Email us at, we’ll get back to you promptly.