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We believe that fitness should be fun, non-intimidating and driven by a desire to better yourself.

We strive to build relationships with our clients that extend beyond class times and weight benches.

Our approach is holistic; we train body and mind. We are different from other fitness facilities, and proudly so.

Let us show you why.

The Anchor Arena

Advanced fitness equipment designed to maximise your results.

  • 7m Rope Climb

    7m Rope Climb

    An excellent upper body developer as well as building an iron grip and improving agility and coordination skills.

  • 8-Foot Wall

    8-Foot Wall

    An Obstacle Course Race favourite, the 8-Foot wall is a domineering challenge that will test your whole body, physically and mentally.

  • Rock Wall

    Rock Wall

    Great for grip strength, upper body conditioning, and coordination. Also, FUN.

  • Tyres


    Get your inner “strongman” on. You will be jumping, flipping and sledgehammering these bad boys all the way to victory!

  • Wall Balls

    Wall Balls

    The wall ball is a great full body exercise that combines the front squat and push press and is suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Yoga Sanctuary

    Yoga Sanctuary

    Anchor Training focuses on both body and mind. Find your inner peace with a relaxing yoga session.

Add a touch of class to your workout.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane

Short and powerful, like a dangerous storm; used in the Training For Warriors system emphasising rest as much as hard work. Encompassing detailed warm ups, speed, strength, endurance training & flexibility work. You will be tired, but not destroyed…so you can come back and do it again tomorrow!

The Gladiator

The Gladiator

A testing 45min of kettle bells, ropes, sandbags, tyres and suspension training. Unleash the gladiator within you as you battle through Anchor Training’s primary group metabolic training session. The Gladiator will take you outside of your comfort zone and leave you with a strong sense of achievement and eagerness to conquer the challenge again.

The Jackal

The Jackal

Take your cardio to the next level with an intense 45min of sprints, box jumps, rope wrangling and plyometrics. Distinctive to Anchor Training, The Jackal will push you beyond your perceived physical limitations through constant variation and the support of a group environment.

Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Get out and get active on a Saturday morning with the Anchor Training team! Varied from week to week, The Weekender is a fun training session always bound to work up a sweat and leave you fired up for the rest of your weekend.

OCR Skills Workshop

OCR Skills Workshop

Monkey bars, rock wall, 8ft wall, 1/4 pipe, 7m rope climb, tyre hoist, balance beams + more. Join us on the first Saturday of each month to develop specific skills to tackle your next Obstacle Course event. *Not included in class membership*

Yoga: Open

Yoga: Open

A general class open to all levels of experience – a good place to start for beginners as we spend time on alignment & the integration of yoga philosophy.

Up for the challenge? Click here to view our latest class timetable.

We're different.

(and here's why that's a good thing...)


Anchor Training has been designed specifically to train both body and mind. Whether it’s pushing your muscles to new limits, educating about nutrition, or clearing the mind with a relaxing Savasana*, Anchor Training has everything to make you feel complete.

*And if you don’t know what a Savasana is yet, don’t worry – Anchor Yoga will show you the path to enlightenment!


Finding time to train is hard. Most often the thing that keeps us coming back is the encouragement and support of friends and family. Anchor Training emphasises team play, fellowship and friendship.


They say variety is the spice of life, and training should be no different! With innovative equipment and the latest in exercise techniques, no two classes at Anchor Training are the same. We won’t give you a single opportunity to become bored.

We're Green

Most of us spend all day looking at screens; why would you want to when working out? We strive to reduce our carbon footprint, and have no electric machines in the arena. Don’t worry, we still have people-powered rowing machines for all your cardio requirements.

Don't just take it from us.


I've been training with Anchor Training for the last 2 or so years. Over this period, my experience has been life changing. I have been to gyms in several countries but this place is special. What makes them unique is the culture they cultivate at the gym. At Anchor Training the emphasis is on health and wellness rather than looks or weight. Obstacle Course Racing is one of my favourite training sessions at the gym. It's fun, unique and challenging. Before my first OCR Training, I couldn't even run a kilometre without stopping. Now I've completed multiple tough mudder events and I'm preparing to do more events and races.

Anton Ricafort, Teneriffe


I can’t speak highly enough about Anchor Training. Amazing trainers; friendly, supportive atmosphere; unique workouts and space; great friends; and the results speak for themselves.

Kurt Royan, New Farm


We really enjoy our Personal Training sessions with Anchor Training as no session is ever the same & Tim constantly challenges us - no boring workouts! We also enjoy Mel's yoga sessions as they are a great opportunity to balance our minds & bodies.

Garth & Jade Smith, Windsor


Signing up to Anchor Training has been the best decision I've made for my physical fitness and health. I've been a member of previous gyms but nothing compares to the facilities, atmosphere and enjoyment that you get at Anchor Training. I can honestly say I look forward to going to this gym not only for the great workouts but to say hi to some great friends I’ve made who are always positive and friendly. I encourage anyone wanting to experience a gym that offers variety, challenges and great equipment to come to Anchor Training. You won’t regret it!

Jayne Gearing, Stafford


I had never really enjoyed sport or the gym, but had kept it up over the years. However, when I joined Anchor Training, I experienced something different. The trainers are friendly, motivating and more importantly, genuine. The team environment they have fostered is supportive, fun and comfortable, which I believe is something quite unique. While attending their training sessions for Tough Mudder and Spartan, they have instilled this motivation I have never felt before. I now have real goals of challenging myself, my ability and finally can see a difference. I thank Tim, Will and Mel for their inspiration and helping me discover this inner healthier and fitter version of me.

Amanda Crocetti, Teneriffe