The Story

Bicep curls in the squat rack. 45 minutes on the treadmill watching The Biggest Loser. That guy shadow boxing in the mirror.

We’ve all been a member of that gym chain; surrounded by massive mirrors, even bigger egos, and machines that require an engineering degree to operate.

Anchor Training was borne out of desire for something different. To be active each day without boredom, to be challenged physically and mentally, to build strength from movement that we use in everyday life, to incorporate body/mind practices for a holistic, healthy lifestyle. And to do it surrounded by people who know your name and care about your progress.

Coach Elcapitano

Tim Warner

Tim Warner

Leading with over 10 years of experience, Tim is the Captain and founder of Anchor Training.

He thrives on challenging his clients daily to do what they think is impossible, breaking down physical and mental limitations, all while broadening their view on what fitness means to them. Anchor was created in the search for something different – somewhere fun with a community of like-minded people that support and carry each other through the tough sessions.

Tim has competed to great heights physically since childhood. Playing A-grade Rugby League for 10 years, winning Age Champion swimming titles in High School and being selected as House Captain. In recent years, his eyes have turned towards racing at an elite level in Triathlons, Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, OCR World Championships and also walking away with a few 1st Places.

What matters most to him is seeing his dedicated and loyal clients achieve physical greatness in all aspects of their life. He’s not just your coach but also your friend telling you to do one more rep.