All about us

Bicep curls in the squat rack. 45 minutes on the treadmill watching The Biggest Loser. That guy shadow boxing in the mirror.

We’ve all been a member of that gym chain; surrounded by massive mirrors, even bigger egos, and machines that require an engineering degree to operate.

Anchor Training was borne out of desire for something different. To be active each day without boredom, to be challenged physically and mentally, to build strength from movement that we use in everyday life, to incorporate body/mind practices for a holistic, healthy lifestyle. And to do it surrounded by people who know your name and care about your progress.

Our Story

Tim and Mel met, fell in love, got engaged & launched Anchor Training together in 2012. Now married, they share a passion for the outdoors, often spending their weekends climbing mountains, doing handstands on the beach or travelling around the country competing in obstacle course races.

The two form an unbeatable team, dedicated to a life of active adventure.

The Trainers

Tim Warner

Tim Warner

Motivated and playful, Tim is the head coach and co-founder of Anchor Training.

He thrives on challenging his clients to do what they think is impossible, breaking down physical & mental limitations and broadening their view on fitness. Opening Anchor Training was a long held dream and brought a great sense of accomplishment. Tim is proud to be a Spartan SGX coach, Training for Warriors affiliate, and Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Compressport.

Tim is all about cheeky rib shots and high-fives. He values dedication and loyalty; he’s not just your coach, but also your friend.

Mel Warner

Mel Warner

A passionate yoga teacher and co-founder of Anchor Training.

Mel loves to help athletes and weekend warriors find balance through body/mind awareness and introduce spiritual principles that can permeate life off the mat. Her greatest achievements have been creating a space that values health and active living as much as connection and support. Mel is a proud Lululemon Athletica ambassador, has blogged for MindBodyGreen and represents Compressport.

A typical Taurean, Mel is full of contradictions… Calm yet fiesty, sensitive yet tough; you’ll find her a blissful soul-seeking yogi yet fiercely determined on the OCR course.